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Stream premium custom muffler sounds into any hybrid or electric vehicle with the TesMuffler hardware dongle.

The Problem

With Electric Vehicles

Limited Power

Drivers have a perceived sense of limited power and connection to their vehicles.

Too Silent

Overall, EVʼs are just too smooth, silent and have limited drivetrain customizations.

Too Automatic

One gear automatic transmissions can leave you feeling more like a passenger than a driver.

TesMuffler Dongle.

The Solution

TesMuffler is an easy-to-install hardware dongle that produces premium muffler sounds inside vehicles, controlled via iOS app with a community built 3rd party sound database / digital store.

A 3D printed external muffler with a 100 dB sound generator (coming 2024).

EV on the outside. Ferrari on the inside.

EV's are too smooth, quiet, and just plain boring. With the TesMuffler, you can finally make your Tesla (or any EV) one of a kind.

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